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The vCISO Directory

Welcome to The vCISO Directory - your go-to resource for professional and reliable virtual CISO service providers including MSPs, MSSPs and consultancies.


The directory features top-notch providers offering vCISO services to help manage your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance, and protect from cyber threats. 

The directory is 100% vendor-neutral and free of charge to both viewers and featured providers.

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vCISO Platfom

DISC llc

We help organizations to protect their information assets as a vCISO. We assess and build information security program based on various standards and regulations as a vCISO for both tactical and strategic level As a vCISO we provide all the core resources of a CISO would provide for your organization at a reasonably competitive cost. We can help you prepare for compliance, certification, (internal/external) audits, and perform risk assessment. We can build (ISMS) and assess the level of maturity (as-is) of your InfoSec program.

Petaluma, CA, U.S.

3rd Element Consulting

Assurance that every asset, user, and last bit of data is accounted for, secured, and protected. You deserve a security-focused partner that brings strategic thinking and guidance to your organization. Helping you identify risks and vulnerabilities internally as well as with your vendors and supply chain, while managing your compliance, cybersecurity, policies, and reporting for auditors or insurers.

Mechanicsburg, PA, U.S.

5K Technical Services services

5K Technical Services offers two valuable programs, namely the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Assist and Virtual CISO programs, to support your technology and security leadership in implementing robust cybersecurity practices. CISO Assist collaborates seamlessly with your existing cybersecurity leadership, providing guidance and supervision to help achieve your organization's cybersecurity objectives. On the other hand, Virtual CISO presents a cost-effective alternative to a full-time Information Security Executive. With our Virtual CISO service, you gain access to an outsourced, seasoned cybersecurity and technology executive who can assist in safeguarding your environment and attaining your security objectives.

Plano, TX, U.S.


AHEAD arms clients with prioritized and actionable cybersecurity strategies based on their specific needs and challenges. We know it's not enough to talk around the pressing issue of security, which is why we go beyond rote recommendations and empower clients to be proactive in their cybersecurity posture, ultimately enabling the business to be less distracted by security concerns with a renewed focus on growth.

Chicago, IL, U.S.


Abacode provides vCISO (Chief Information Security Officer) resources to assist in developing your overall security program while developing a roadmap for implementation.This allows your organization to establish budgets and manage resources to successfully deploy the model. Throughout the process the vCISO and Abacode team with work with your staff to assess opportunities for development and provide mentoring and learning opportunities wherever possible.

Tampa, FL, U.S.


Our broad cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise allow us to develop next-gen cybersecurity solutions from consulting, implementation and managed services to protect your business end-to-end.

Rancho Cordova, CA, U.S.

Access One

Minimize Risk and Strengthen Compliance With Access One As businesses rely more heavily on cloud computing, staying ahead of security risks and compliant with regulatory requirements has become a challenge for many. Despite this hurdle, maintaining compliance is crucial to avoid exposing your business to security breaches, fines, and penalties. Access One helps you navigate these challenges by identifying potential security risks and compliance gaps. Risk Assessments Identify vulnerabilities in your network and cloud applications that could threaten your business. Implementation of Security Controls Make informed cyber security and risk decisions to safeguard your data. Encryption Implement advanced encryption systems to prevent data breaches. Access Controls Control user authentication and authorization with access control policies. NIST CSF Support Adhere to security industry standards with ongoing NIST Cybersecurity Framework support. Compliance Reports Get support for your compliance reports to ensure business growth.

Chicago, IL, U.S.


Our experienced virtual Chief Information Security Officers are ready to sit side-by-side with your team to provide counsel in the event of a cyber incident, investor due diligence interview, or regulatory audit.

New York, NY, U.S.


Sometimes your business needs a CIO or CISO. Airiam has leadership on-demand.

Lewisburg, PA, U.S.


You need an IT partner that understands the threats facing your business and can help you implement the right technology and controls based on your exposure. As an IT outsourcing client, you receive security strategy guidance, cybersecurity scorecard, standard policies and procedures, backup and recovery planning, and managed detection & response.

Houston, TX, U.S.

Alliant Cybersecurity

Much like a Chief Information Security Officer, a Virtual CISO primarily handles the implementation and management of an organization’s cybersecurity posture, offering third-party opinions and guidance. Our Virtual CISO’s come with years of industry experience, hold many industry certifications and are passionate about securing American businesses.

Houston, TX, U.S.

Alliantgroup, LP

Protect your organization with our cybersecurity services. We create customized, cyber-vigilant environments tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our comprehensive consulting, technology, and managed security services will help keep your business secure from any threats. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary cyber health check.

Houston, TX, U.S.

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